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Poly Bubble mailer Padded envelope 215mm x280mm Black

Poly Bubble mailer Padded envelope 215mm x280mm Black
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  • Size: 215*280mm
  • Qty: 50, 100pcs
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: New material PE + Pearl film
  • Bubble Lined


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100, 50




Black Poly Bubble Padded Mailers Envelopes

  • These mailers are waterproof and offer added security when sending letters or products. Poly bubble mailers give you a professional edge by standing out from the rest. Your customers will be delighted with this charming black envelope. Because these poly bubble mailing envelopes are lightweight mailing envelopes, your shipping costs will not increase.
  • Tear-Resistant Envelopes – These padded envelopes have a durable, sturdy surface and are ideal for replacing paper versions that tear into sharp, heavy, or odd-shaped products. Also made from multilayer polyethene films, they offer excellent protection during shipping.
  • Multipurpose Bubble Mailer – These mailers can be used to ship cosmetics, paints, fashion accessories, jewellery, medicine, seeds and bulbs, and more. They are padded enough to protect fragile items during shipping. The laminated top makes it easy to attach self-adhesive stamps and address labels.
  • Self-adhesive envelopes – Black bubble wrap mailing bags are supplied with a self-adhesive tamperproof seal. Once the envelope has been sealed, it cannot be opened without visible signs of tampering. The smooth surface of the postage makes it easy to attach postage stamps and address labels.



  • Colour: Black
  • Size: 215mm x280 mm (Internal Size )
  • Packing Size: 50, 100 per box
  • Material: New material PE + Pearl film
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