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Strong and Durable Rigid Mailers

Our strong and durable rigid mailers Australia are engineered to withstand the challenges of shipping, ensuring your things arrive safely and intact. Constructed from high-quality materials, these mailers provide reliable protection against bending, folding, and tearing during transit protecting your documents. With a sturdy design, they offer peace of mind knowing your shipments are secure.

Whether you’re sending documents, products, photos, prints or artwork, our rigid mailers are up to the task. Plus, their sleek appearance and professional finish make them ideal for presenting your business or brand. Invest in our rigid mailer for dependable shipping solutions that prioritise the safety of your valuable items.

Professional Packaging using Rigid Envelopes

Improve your shipping strategy with rigid envelope, which not only elevate your packaging aesthetics but also provide utmost protection for your important documents, photos, and other flat items. Crafted with sturdy materials, our rigid envelopes offer robust defence against bending and damage during transit. Choose rigid envelopes to showcase your dedication to quality and professionalism, elevating your brand image and impressing recipients with reliable and elegant packaging.

Ensure Protection with Sturdy Rigid Mailer in Australia

Ensure the safety of your shipments with sturdy rigid mailer in Australia. Our mailers are designed to withstand the difficulties faced during transit, protecting your valuable things. Crafted from durable materials, they offer strong defence against bending, tearing, and moisture damage.

Whether you’re sending documents, photographs, prints or fragile goods, our rigid mailer ensure that your products arrive at their destination in pristine condition. Trust in the strength and reliability of our rigid mailer in Australia to safeguard your shipments and provide peace of mind to both you and your customers.

Rigid Envelopes with Various Size Options

Diversify your packaging solutions with our range of rigid envelope, each tailored to accommodate different sizes and dimensions including A5 Rigid Mailers and A4 Rigid Envelopes. Our selection offers versatility, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every item you need to send.

From standard document sizes to larger formats for posters or photographs, our rigid envelope provide a secure and snug enclosure. With various size options available, you can confidently package things of all shapes, sizes and dimensions without compromising on protection. Choose the right size for your needs and elevate your shipping experience with the reliability and versatility of our rigid envelopes.

Why Choose NuPack Packaging?

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Frequently Asked Question

What are rigid mailers and how are they used?

Rigid mailers are durable packaging envelopes design to protect flat products like documents, photos, or artwork during shipping. They feature a sturdy construction that prevents bending or damage, ensuring safe delivery to recipients. Rigid mailers are commonly used by businesses and individuals to securely package and ship important things while maintaining their pristine condition throughout transit.

What sizes of rigid mailers do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive range of rigid mailers in various sizes, catering to different dimensions and needs, including A5 Rigid Mailers and A4 Rigid Envelopes. From standard document sizes to larger formats for posters or photographs, we ensure there’s a perfect fit for every size of item you need to send.

Are these rigid mailers recyclable or eco-friendly?

Yes, our rigid mailers are eco-friendly as they are made from recyclable materials, contributing to the need for sustainable packaging solutions. They can be easily recycled to minimise environmental impact.

Are rigid mailers suitable for shipping books?

Yes, rigid mailers are suitable for shipping books, prints and products as they provide sturdy protection, protecting them from bending and damage during transit. Opting for rigid mailer ensures that your books and products arrive at their destination in excellent condition, preserving their quality throughout the shipping process.

Are these rigid mailers suitable for international shipping?

Yes, our rigid mailers are suitable for international shipping. They offer sturdy protection to ensure product arrive safely, and they meet international shipping standards for durability and security.

How do I seal a rigid mailer?

To seal a rigid mailer, simply remove the adhesive tape backing from the self-sealing strip and press firmly to close. Ensure all edges are securely sealed to prevent any items from slipping out during transit.