Thermal Labels

All About Thermal Labels

all about thermal labels

What are thermal shipping labels?

In the shipping world, anything you can do to save yourself and your client’s money is viewed as a success. With the progression of technology and, more importantly, the accessibility to small business owners, you now have access to one of the leading cost-effective options-thermal shipping labels!

Everyone is bound to have questions like what do Thermal labels do? How are they useful? How do they work? And many such questions.

What are thermal shipping labels?

Thermal shipping labels are conveniently printed by you, in your home, with no wreck or hassle. Utilizing thermal technology, the printer heats the thermal paper explicitly. This causes the paper to turn black, making the image of your barcodes and proper markings required for shipping

Why use thermal shipping labels?

Thermal shipping labels are an astonishingly economical and effective method of printing your shipping labels. Thermal shipping labels are generally cheaper than utilizing inkjet or laser shipping labels.

The fundamental reason is the lack of ink-one of the most costly parts of printing and shipping. The more you print, the more ink you require. With thermal shipping labels, all you need is your thermal paper and thermal label printer.

Moreover, suppose you need various colours or tones. In that case, there are thermal paper and thermal label printers that print in two or more tones (typically reds and browns) by utilizing various temperatures.

Direct thermal or Thermal transfer Printer?

Ultimately, there are two types of thermal label printers: Direct thermal and Thermal transfer. There are many minor differences, but there are two main differences.

Direct thermal has moderate costs and is a more budget-friendly alternative. It does not require much more than thermal paper and a printer. Direct thermal is:
● Limited to black
● Has a limited shelf life
● Can degrade in varying temperatures or sunlight

Thermal transfer is a preferred choice if the quality is the fundamental principle. Thermal transfer uses a carbon ribbon that prints itself onto the thermal paper. The thermal transfer allows for:
● More dense images
● Easily scannable label images
● Last longer than one year

NuPack’s thermal label printers are designed for high volume usage, and they are fast and stable, most commonly used by large-volume shippers. The most significant advantage of direct thermal printing technology is that it requires no ink, toner, or ribbon to print. As the label holder is also designed to be placed inside the printers, there is no need to keep separate label holders on your desk. While it is small and compact, it can print continuously for a long time at a high-speed rate, without jams or breakdowns. Printouts are of high quality, high resolution, and the images are durable, minimizing chances of fading over time.

Thermal shipping labels are an excellent way to save money, time, and tighter control of your label shipping needs. If you constantly need more labels, this may be the right printing choice for you!