Mailing Bags

Mailing bags is an essential commodity in the process of product packaging. Available in different sizes, they keep your product safe and secure. Here at Nupack, these poly bags are designed in a way that they provide maximum protection in minimum cost. Our mailing bags act like a cushion for your product during the transit and are mostly used for keeping fragile items intact.

Our mailing satchels are biodegradable and can be reused for further purposes. Our top quality mailings bags are weather resistant and keep the product extra secure. Also, these mailing bags safeguard the breakable and delicate items like small accessories and jewellery in the ebay possible way.

Why choose our mailing bags over other bags ?

We help your product to reach safely and securely during the shipping. We provide best quality products and work with full dedication to see our customers happy. Few reasons to choose our mailing bags –
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Economic Friendly
  • Light Weight
  • Tear Resistant
  • High adhesive nature
  • Return within 60 days

Courier Air Bags (Poly Mailer)

We design courier air bags that have long durability and are so thin that they become easily affordable during the transit. These bags are available in 5 sizes and their waterproof and tear resistant quality keeps the items safe in the bag. These bags are the best option for people who do online shopping, specifically clothes as the clothes are wrapped in these poly mailers before the product is sent for shipping.
To let you know more, suppliers selling clothes through online portals use these shipping bags for the clothes to keep them away from dust and avoid any kind of damage.

Bubble Pouch

We provide these bubble pouches in 5 sizes. The size of the bubble is of 10mm in length and 4mm in height. Bubble pouches are the best option for delicate and fragile items as the risk of damage is reduced.

Bubble Mailer

We provide two kinds of bubble mailers, printed and plain. Also, these bubble mailers are available in 5 sizes and thus act as a cushion for the product to keep the product secure and safe.

Business Envelope

Our business envelopes are lightweight and yellow in color. Available in two sizes, these envelopes fulfill the purpose of postal service and are designed in a way that it can fit in both A4 and A5 dimensions.