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431x406x596mm 104L Moving Boxes 5 layer

$4.95 Inc. GST
Internal Dimensions:
  • Length: 431mm
  • Width: 406mm
  • Height: 596mm
  • Cubic Metres: 0.1042
  • Cubic Litres: 104.29
  • Weight: 1.18kg
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425x370x640mm 100L Universal Moving Box 5 layer

$4.95 Inc. GST
Internal Dimensions:
  • Length: 425mm
  • Width: 370mm
  • Height: 640mm
  • Cubic Metres: 0.10
  • Cubic Litres: 100.64
  • Weight:?0.98kg
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568x368x327mm Moving Boxes 68L Carry with Handles

$5.15 Inc. GST
Internal Dimensions:
  • Length: 568mm
  • Width: 368mm
  • Height: 327mm
  • Cubic Metres: 0.068
  • Cubic Litres: 68.35
  • Weight: 0.75kg
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403x301x330mm Moving Box 40L Crystal 5 layer

$4.95 Inc. GST
Internal Dimensions:
  • Length: 403mm
  • Width: 301mm
  • Height: 330mm
  • Cubic Metres: 0.040
  • Cubic Litres: 40
  • Weight: 0.68kg
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Book/Wine Box – Generic Print

$3.95 Inc. GST
Internal Dimensions:
  • Length: 406mm
  • Width: 298mm
  • Height: 431mm
  • Cubic Metres: 0.052
  • Cubic Litres: 52
  • Weight: 0.59kg
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Moving Boxes | Moving Packing Boxes | Moving Packaging

Moving boxes are very easy way to move goods from one place to another place. It is very light, sustainable and recyclable. It is very strong. It is very subject to shipping.

Plastic packaging is cheap but not environmentally friendly, compared to a moving cart a box that is recyclable and a good alternative.

What is a Moving box?

Moving home can be stressful, but the right packaging boxes can help make the move smoother. Our affordable range of thicker and heavy-duty cardboard moving boxes can carry heavy materials and help make your moving process easier and faster. Nupack ensures happy moving with Strong boxes keeping your fragile and expensive safe.


A moving box has many features.

  • It is low-cost to make and also durable. For all these reasons, the Moving Box is widely used in the world for shipping.
  • A good feature of a moving box is its texture. It is shaped like this: first, there is a layer of thick paper, then there is folded paper like a zigzag, then there is a layer of thick paper, then it becomes like a sponge, due to which electronics products, crockery products, glass Etc. Shipping can be ensured. In contrast, a single layer of plastic packaging is not safe and environmentally friendly.
  •  As these boxes are made up of cardboard, they can be easily recycled after use.
  • These boxes are available in small and large sizes so that you can easily buy the subject for you. You can take the box and print it according to your needs.
  • It can be easily moved from one place to another. It is a great alternative to the supply of goods.

Because our goal is to get the goods and supplies to the people in a good way, we have multiple sizes of moving boxes available.

Wholesale Price Moving Boxes

Sturdy Moving Boxes Designed For Storage

After years of experience, we have the complete knowledge of which moving boxes are best suited for storage. Besides being designed using the strongest raw material and from responsible forest material, our moving boxes are quite lightweight. With us, you will find a perfect place to order moving boxes online in Australia.

Along with the Packing Tape and cardboard boxes, we also deliver the best quality Moving supplies of all kinds. One of the major reasons why we have become so popular among the customers is the variety and sizes of moving boxes that we have for you to choose from.

Move and pack With The Safety of Secure, Strong, and Cheap Moving Boxes

Understanding how difficult the moving process is for you, we have come up with the best quality collection of cardboard packing boxes around. Along with delivering safety, our Moving boxes are driven to provide easy handling. Be it a universal Moving box, wine box, or an LCD TV box that you need, we at NewPack have it all for you at the most affordable price. So, if you are looking for cheap moving boxes, we have them available in different sizes and shapes.

Moving Boxes | Standard Cardboard Boxes | Specialty Boxes | Plastic Moving Boxes

When it comes to moving, cardboard boxes are the workhorses of the packing world. They come in various sizes and are readily available at most stores. These versatile boxes are perfect for packing up your everyday items, from clothing to books and kitchenware.

Sometimes, standard cardboard boxes won’t cut it. That’s where specialty boxes come in. These boxes are designed for specific items such as wardrobe boxes for clothing or dish boxes with dividers for fragile dishes and glassware.

In recent years, plastic moving boxes have gained popularity among home move. They are durable, reusable, and environmentally friendly. While they may have a higher upfront cost, they can save you money in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Are plastic moving boxes better than cardboard boxes?

Ans: Both have their advantages. Plastic boxes are durable and eco-friendly, while cardboard boxes are budget-friendly and recyclable. Choose what suits your needs best.

Q2. How many boxes do I need for a typical move?

Ans: The number of boxes you’ll need depends on the size of your home and the amount of stuff you have to store. A rough estimate is about 10-15 boxes per room.

Q3. Can I reuse moving boxes?

Ans: Absolutely! Cardboard boxes can be reused, and plastic ones are designed for multiple uses. Just ensure they are in good condition.

Q4. What should I do with used moving boxes?

Ans: Consider recycling them to reduce environmental impact. You can also pass them on to others who are moving or store them for future use.

Q5. Any tips for packing fragile items?

Ans: Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap or packing paper and use sturdy boxes with plenty of cushioning. Don’t forget to label these boxes as “Fragile” to ensure careful handling.

Q6. How do I choose the right size for moving boxes?

Ans. Choosing the right size of moving boxes depends on the items you need to pack. We offer a variety range of sizes to accommodate various belongings, from small items to larger, more fragile ones.

Q7. Can I buy moving boxes in bulk for a better price?

Ans. Yes, we offer bulk discounts on moving boxes. The more you buy, the more you save. Check our product listings for specific pricing details on bulk purchases.

Q8. Are your moving boxes made from recyclable materials?

Ans. Yes, our moving boxes are made from high-quality, recyclable materials. We prioritize sustainability and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Q9. How can I assemble the moving boxes?

Ans. Assembling our moving boxes is easy. Simply fold along the creases and tuck in the flaps to secure the box. No additional tools or adhesives are needed.

Q10. Can I return the unused moving box for a refund?

Ans. Yes, you can return unused moving boxes within our specified return policy period for a refund. Please review our moving and return policy for details on eligibility and procedures.

Q11. What types of moving boxes do you offer?

Ans. We offer a variety selection of moving boxes, including standard cardboard boxes, specialty boxes for fragile items, wardrobe boxes, and more.

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