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12 Rolls Direct Thermal Address Shipping Label 100mmX150mm 4″x6″ 350Labels /Roll

$89.95 Inc. GST
  • 350 Labels per roll
  • Colour: White
  • Size: 100mm x 150mm
  • Strong bonding labels with high-quality adhesive
  • Easy separation between labels with easy perforation?
  • Crystal clear prints
  • Smudge resistant and scratch-free
  • Compatible with Zebra Label Writer

6x1000pcs Thermal Direct Shipping Label 4×6 Fan-Fold

$149.95 Inc. GST
  • Quantity: 6 packets, 1000 pieces??
  • Colour: White
  • Size: 100mm x 150mm
  • Strong bonding labels with high-quality adhesive
  • Easy separation between labels with easy perforation?
  • Crystal clear prints
  • Smudge resistant and scratch-free,
  • Compatible with Rollo and Zebra printers

Direct Thermal Address Label 100mmX150mm 4″x6″ 500Labels/Roll

$51.95$199.95 Inc. GST
  • Labels per roll: 500 labels
  • Colour: white
  • Label Dimensions: 100mm x 150mm(4x6)
  • Perforated line between each label for easy tear
  • Strong adhesive for permanent bonding
  • Easy to use with crystal clear prints
  • Cost-effective and smudge & scratch resistant
  • Compatible with Zebra Label Writer

Direct Thermal Printer Labels | Thermal Label Suppliers | Thermal Printer Labels | Thermal Labels Australia|Thermal Printers

At NuPack Australia, we take pride in being your trusted destination for all things related to thermal labels. Whether you’re in need of direct thermal printer labels, or you’re searching for reliable thermal label suppliers, we’ve got you covered. Our extensive range of thermal printer labels is designed to meet the diverse labeling needs of businesses across Australia. Our commitment to providing premium thermal labels in Australia is reflected in our dedication to quality. Nupack’s direct thermal printer labels are expertly crafted to deliver consistent, high-definition printing results, ensuring your labels are not just informative but also aesthetically appealing. Whether you need labels for shipping, inventory management, or product branding, our range of thermal labels caters to a multitude of applications. Explore our product line to discover a comprehensive solution that empowers your business.

With a focus on quality and precision, we ensure that our thermal labels are not only dependable but also readily available for your convenience. At Nupack, we take pride in being your trusted partner in thermal labels, offering you a seamless ordering process, timely deliveries, and cost-effective options. When you choose Nupack for your thermal label needs, you’re choosing a reliable, Australian-based supplier committed to helping your business thrive. Browse our range of thermal printer labels today and experience the difference that quality, precision, and excellence can make for your operations. Explore our selection of thermal labels on, and experience top-notch solutions for all your labeling requirements in Australia.

Thermal Shipping Labels | Thermal Label Rolls | Direct Thermal Labels | Thermal Label Printers|Thermal Paper

At NuPack Australia, we are your one-stop destination for all things thermal labels and printing solutions. Whether you’re looking for thermal shipping labels, thermal label rolls, direct thermal labels, or thermal label printers, we have a wide range of high-quality products to meet your specific needs. Our commitment to quality and precision ensures that our thermal labels and printers are reliable tools for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re streamlining your shipping process or enhancing your labeling efficiency, our selection of thermal labels and printing equipment has you covered. Explore the possibilities with NuPack Australia and discover the perfect thermal labeling solutions for your business.

Advantages of Using Direct Thermal Label Rolls

Cost-Effective Labeling

One of the primary advantages of direct thermal labels is their cost-effectiveness. Since they don’t require ink or toner cartridges, you save on ongoing printing expenses.

Environmentally Friendly Option

Direct thermal labels are an environmentally friendly choice as they produce minimal waste. They are also free of the chemicals often found in thermal transfer printing.

High-Quality Printing

Despite their simplicity, direct thermal labels offer high-quality, sharp printing, making them suitable for applications where clarity and readability are essential.

Maintenance of Direct Thermal Printers

Cleaning and Printhead Care

Regularly clean the printhead to prevent residue buildup, which can affect print quality.

Firmware Updates

Stay updated with printer firmware to ensure compatibility and optimal performance with direct thermal labels.

Custom Thermal Labels | Permanent Adhesive|Printed Labels | Custom Thermal Labels|Direct Thermal Printers|Thermal Transfer Printing

Nupack, an Australia-based leader in labeling solutions, presents a versatile array of Custom Thermal Labels that are designed to meet your unique business needs. Our labels are equipped with a permanent adhesive, ensuring they remain securely attached to your products and surfaces, even in demanding conditions. Whether you require branding or essential product information, our Printed Labels offer the ideal solution, enhancing the visual appeal of your items while conveying critical details.

With our cutting-edge Direct Thermal Printers and Thermal Transfer Printing technology, you can achieve crisp, high-quality printing that withstands the test of time. Tailored to deliver optimal performance, our Custom Thermal Labels empower your business with efficient, cost-effective labeling solutions. Elevate your product presentation and information delivery with Nupack’s customizable labels and advanced printing technology.

Experience the difference with Nupack’s Custom Thermal Labels, where precision and durability meet your unique requirements. Elevate your branding and information needs with our top-of-the-line printing solutions, ensuring your labels not only look outstanding but also last. Trust Nupack for all your labeling necessities, and experience the ultimate in quality, durability, and performance.

FAQs About Direct Thermal Labels

Q1. What is the lifespan of a direct thermal label?

Direct thermal labels typically have a shelf life of one to two years when stored correctly.

Q2. Can direct thermal labels withstand extreme temperatures?

Yes, many direct thermal labels are designed to endure extreme temperatures, making them suitable for various environments.

Q3. Are direct thermal labels suitable for outdoor use?

While they can handle some outdoor exposure, it’s best to choose labels specifically designed for extended outdoor use.

Q4. What printer settings are optimal for direct thermal labels?

Printer settings may vary, but a higher print speed and lighter heat setting often yield good results with direct thermal labels.

Q5.  How do I troubleshoot common issues with direct thermal printing?

Common issues like fading or misalignment can often be resolved by cleaning the printhead, adjusting settings, or using high-quality labels.

Q6. What are direct thermal print labels, and how do they work?

Direct thermal print labels are labels that use a heat-sensitive coating, activated by the printer’s heat elements. When the printer applies heat to the label, it creates an image or text without the need for ink or ribbons.

Q7. Are your direct thermal print labels compatible with my printer model?

We offer direct thermal print labels that are compatible with a wide range of direct thermal label printers. Please check the product specifications to ensure compatibility with your specific printer model.

Q8. What label sizes are available for direct thermal print labels?

We offer various label sizes for direct thermal print labels, catering to different labeling needs. You can find detailed options on our product pages.

Q9. Can I print color images or text on direct thermal print labels?

Direct thermal print labels are typically monochrome and produce black or grayscale images or text. Color printing is not a standard feature for direct thermal labels.

Q10. Are your direct thermal print labels easy to peel and apply?

Yes, our direct thermal print labels are designed for easy peeling and application, ensuring a smooth labeling process.

Q11. How long does the print on direct thermal labels last?

The print on direct thermal labels typically lasts for a few months to a year depending on storage and usage conditions.

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