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100X Poly Bags 200mm x 260mm Courier Plastic Shipping Postage Satchel Black

$18.95 Inc. GST
  • Dimension: 200mm x 260mm
  • Colour - Black
  • Self-seal bags with strong adhesive strips
  • Flexible, waterproof, tear-resistant
  • Light in weight saves postage cost?
  • High seam strength
  • Tamper-proof and puncture-resistant.
  • 100% recyclable and sustainable

100X Poly Bags 255mm x 330mm Courier Plastic Shipping Postage Satchel Black

$25.95 Inc. GST
  • Dimension: 255mm x 3300mm
  • Colour - Black
  • Self-seal bags with strong adhesive strips
  • Flexible, waterproof, tear-resistant
  • Light in weight saves postage cost?
  • High seam strength
  • Tamper-proof and puncture-resistant.
  • 100% recyclable and sustainable

100X Poly Bags 310mm x 405mm Courier Plastic Shipping Postage Satchel Black

$31.95 Inc. GST
  • Dimension: 310mm x 405mm?
  • Colour - Black
  • Poly bags with high stream strength
  • Self-seal bags with adhesive strips
  • Flexible, waterproof, tear-resistant
  • Lightweight saves postal cost?
  • Tamper proof and puncture-resistant; keeps item safe
  • Made from 100% recyclable materials

Poly Mailer | Custom Mailers | Shipping Bags | Postal Satchel

Introducing Nupack, your trusted source for high-quality packaging solutions in Australia. Our product range includes Poly Mailers, Custom Mailers, Shipping Bags, and Postal Satchels designed to meet your unique packaging needs. Crafted with a focus on durability and functionality, our packaging solutions offer style and substance. At Nupack, we understand the importance of efficient and reliable packaging for your business. With our wide range of packaging solutions, you can find the perfect fit for your products, all while optimizing your SEO presence through relevant product descriptions and keywords. Let Nupack be your partner in packaging, helping your business make a lasting impression from the moment your products leave your hands to the moment they arrive at their destination.

Our poly mailers are engineered to protect your shipments while keeping costs low. Crafted from durable materials, they offer superior resistance to tearing and water, ensuring that your items arrive at their destination in pristine condition. Available in various sizes, these mailers are suitable for a wide range of products, from clothing and accessories to electronics and documents. Customization options also allow you to showcase your brand’s unique identity, helping you make a memorable impression on your customers.

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Poly Mailers | Poly Mailer Bags Australia | Poly Mailer Bags | Compostable Poly Mailers

Elevate your packaging and shipping game with NuPack Australia’s top-notch poly mailers. Our selection includes high-quality poly mailer bags specifically tailored for the Australian market. Whether you need durable and secure packaging for your business or personal use, our poly mailer bags offer a dependable solution. From sending documents to small parcels, these poly mailers provide the protection your items need during transit. When it comes to ensuring your goods reach their destination safely, NuPack’s poly mailers have got you covered. Choose from our range of poly mailer bags to experience reliable and efficient shipping.

At Nupack, we understand the importance of branding and individuality in the world of e-commerce. That’s why we offer custom mailers, shipping bags, and postal satchels that can be personalized to reflect your unique style and message. Our customization services provide you with the opportunity to leave a lasting imprint on your customers, reinforcing your brand’s presence and creating a memorable unboxing experience. Whether you need a personalized touch for your subscription box, promotional campaign, or e-commerce shipments, we have the perfect solution for you.

Where we can use Poly Mailer

The poly mailers are suitable for transporting goods that will not be damaged during transportation. These include products such as shirts, dresses, hoodies, pillows, and cushions. These items can be placed in a poly mailbox and shipped directly. Poly mailers are versatile and flexible. Therefore, it is easy to group products. You can easily put more than one item of clothing in your bag. Poly mailers can also be used to ship books. It is common practice to pack a book in bubble wrap and ship it in a poly mailer. Poly mailers are tear-resistant. Tear resistance can be further improved by increasing the thickness of the mailer.

Benefits of Using Poly Mailers

Poly mailers offer several key advantages for businesses:


Poly mailers are cost-effective, helping businesses save on shipping expenses. Their lightweight design reduces postage costs, making them an economical choice.


Poly mailers are tear-resistant and water-resistant, ensuring that your products reach customers in good condition, even in adverse weather conditions.


Businesses can print their logos, branding, and promotional messages on poly mailers, enhancing brand visibility and professionalism.

Types of Poly Mailers

When it comes to poly mailers, you have several options to choose from:

Standard Poly Mailers

These are the basic poly mailers suitable for a wide range of products. They are available in various sizes and are ideal for lightweight to moderately heavy items.

Bubble Mailers

Bubble mailers have an added layer of bubble wrap, providing extra protection for fragile items such as electronics or glassware.

Custom Printed Poly Mailers

Custom-printed poly mailers allow businesses to create a unique packaging experience and reinforce their brand identity.

Poly Mailers | Poly Mailer Australia | Poly Mailer Bags | Custom Poly Mailer

At NuPack Australia, we are your go-to source for a wide variety of packaging solutions, including high-quality poly mailers. Our selection includes durable poly mailer bags and postal satchels, perfect for securely packaging and shipping items. We offer postage satchels in Australia that are not only reliable but also customizable, allowing you to create a unique and professional look for your brand. For those seeking eco-friendly options, we also provide compostable poly mailers to help reduce your environmental footprint. Whether you’re looking for standard poly mailing bags or custom poly mailer solutions, NuPack has you covered with top-notch packaging choices to meet your specific needs. Explore our range of products to enhance your packaging and shipping processes.

FAQs About Poly Mailer

Q1. Are poly mailers waterproof?

Ans: Yes, poly mailers are water-resistant, providing protection against rain and moisture.

Q2. Can I use poly mailers for international shipping?

Ans: Absolutely, Poly mailers are suitable for both domestic and international shipping.

Q3. Are custom-printed poly mailers expensive?

Ans: The cost of custom printing varies but can be a worthwhile investment for brand recognition.

Q4. Do poly mailers come with adhesive closures?

Ans: Poly mailers feature peel-and-seal adhesive closures for convenience.

Q5. Are there eco-friendly alternatives to traditional poly mailers?

Ans: Yes, some brands offer eco-friendly poly mailers that are recyclable or biodegradable.

Q6. What are poly mailers, and how are they used?

Ans: Poly mailers are lightweight, self-sealing envelopes made of polyethylene material. They are commonly used for shipping clothing, accessories, and non-fragile items. To use them, simply insert your products, peel off the adhesive strip, and seal the bag.

Q7. Are poly mailers recyclable?

Ans: Yes, most poly mailers are recyclable. However, it’s essential to check your local recycling guidelines, as some areas may have specific requirements for recycling plastics.

Q8. Do poly mailers provide any protection against water or moisture?

Ans: Poly mailers are water-resistant but not entirely waterproof. They can protect your items from light moisture, but for full waterproofing, consider using poly mailer bags with a moisture barrier or additional waterproofing measures.

Q9. Can I customize poly mailers with my logo or design?

Ans: Yes, you can! Many companies offer custom printing options for poly mailers, allowing you to add your logo, brand name, or unique design to enhance your packaging and brand identity.

Q10. What sizes of poly mailers are available?

Ans: Poly mailers come in various sizes to accommodate different products. Common sizes include 6×9 inches, 9×12 inches, 10×13 inches, and larger. Make sure to choose the size that best fits your items.

Q11. Are poly mailers tamper-evident?

Ans: Some poly mailers come with a tamper-evident seal, which provides added security by showing if the package has been tampered with during transit.

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