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200x Bubble Wrap Pouch Bags 300 X 400mm

200x Bubble Wrap Pouch Bags 300 X 400mm
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  • Length – 400mm
  • Width– 300mm
  • Bubble length– 10mm
  • Bubble height– 4mm
Weight 4.65 kg
Dimensions 82 × 63 × 25 cm


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Bubble pouch bags are pre-made pouches that make your packing job easy! It is made up of bubble sheet to protect your content . It is designed specifically for delicate products that demand maximum protection. It provides excellent protection against jolting, vibration, shock and abrasion. . These envelopes are waterproof and acts as shock absorbent. Being lightweight, it reduces the postage cost too.

Additional Features:

  • Made of? bubble sheet .
  • Padded for extra protection
  • Available in different sizes
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Easy to use

Bubble Wrap Pouches can be used to keep your goods extra protected during transportation and delivery.

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