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50pcs 310x230x105mm Mailing Box Diecut Box BXP2

50pcs 310x230x105mm Mailing Box Diecut Box BXP2
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Our die cut mailing boxes are easy to use, affordable and professional in look. They offer a safe and quick way of packing the products. They don?t require staples, guns, glue or tape to secure them as they have their own slots and flaps that will keep the box permanently closed until someone tries to open it. They are highly efficient and it doesn?t take long to put them together. They are made up of minimum use of raw materials, that is why the cost is relatively low.

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Get volume discounts orders above 2500 pcs.
Designed for e-commerce
A light shipping box that will safely deliver any type of product.
An eco-friendly choice
Fully eco friendly products and made from a minimum of 70% recycled material.
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