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50 Pcs 220x160x77mm Mailing boxes Full White and Black BXP1

50 Pcs 220x160x77mm Mailing boxes Full White and Black BXP1
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Our mailing boxes come in a full white and Black color and double side white color options, presenting a pristine and polished appearance. They are not only visually appealing but also incredibly easy to use, making them the ideal choice for packing your products. Designed to offer a safe and swift packaging solution, these boxes eliminate the need for staples, guns, glue, or tape. Their cleverly engineered slots and flaps ensure the box remains securely closed until intentionally opened, providing added security during transit. Additionally, these boxes are highly efficient and quick to assemble, saving you valuable time. Plus, they are crafted with a minimal use of raw materials, keeping the costs low without compromising on quality.

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Get volume discounts orders above 2500 pcs.
Designed for e-commerce
A light shipping box that will safely deliver any type of product.
An eco-friendly choice
Fully eco friendly products and made from a minimum of 70% recycled material.
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