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Why Use Poly Mailer for Shipping!

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Are you pondering whether or not to start shipping your goods in poly mailers? eCommerce business is all about saving money, helping in sustainability, and the packaging you use will decide how much it costs to deliver goods to a customer’s door. Retailers must reduce shipping costs to achieve a positive return on their consumer acquisition costs and provide eco-friendly products.

One way of doing this is using appropriate alternative, cost-effective packing material for different needs, such as fragile and non-fragile items.

Poly mailers have grown in popularity as a cost-effective alternative to a traditional packaging in the eCommerce shipping industry. They allow eCommerce merchants to strike a delicate balance between keeping customers’ products secure and lowering shipping costs.

Let’s start from the beginning and learn everything there is to know about poly mailers or plastic shipping bags.

What is a Poly Mailer, and how does it work?

Poly mailers are lightweight, strong plastic bags designed to ship products that aren’t too fragile. Since they are inexpensive and take up less room on carrier vehicles when in transit, they assist eCommerce sellers in reducing packaging and shipping costs.

Poly mailer, Poly mailer bags, shipping bags, Plastic mailing bags, black poly mailer, transparent adhesive strip

They come with a self-sealing adhesive slip that eliminates the need for tape. A shipping sticker can also be attached to the bag directly. This makes them easier to pack and mail, making them a great choice.

Poly mailers, also known as Mailing Bags or Postage Satchels, are unique, which is why for a variety of reasons given below, they are commonly used among eCommerce businesses for shipping:

1. They’re affordable

Of course, one of the crucial benefits of postage satchels is their affordability. However, even when bought in bulk, mailing boxes are still a more expensive choice than postal satchels.

2. Super Space-Savers

Boxes take up much space, even when flattened and collapsed. Poly mailers, on the other hand, take up very little space. As a result, cardboard boxes can become a source of clutter and an obstacle course in your workspace. Poly mailers are simple to stack, and unlike boxes, they don’t need any assembly. As a result, you’ll be able to pack your packages easily.

3. They’re commonly used

Many people think of poly bags as thin and flimsy and are hesitant to use them. However, multinational corporations have already developed durable poly bags for shipping their goods, and you have most likely received several of your packages in them already.

4. Easy Branding/ Customization

They’re surprisingly simple to personalize at minimum costs. Nupack understands the importance of branding and what a positive shipping experience can achieve to retain customers. Even in the cost of customizing, postage satchels are significantly less expensive as compared with Mailing Boxes.
So, what eCommerce products are the best to ship with poly mailers? Well, poly mailers are perfect for shipping non-fragile items that cannot be crushed or items that are already in sturdy packaging. These categories include phone cases, small board games, novels, and fashion such as shirts, jeans, and footwear. One should not use Poly mailers for fragile glass objects or any other products that can be shattered or crumbled. When mailing such products, it’s best to adhere to boxes. If you want to ship such items in a poly mailer bag, make sure they are in strong packing before wrapping them in the bag.

Do we have Environmentally Friendly Poly Mailers Available?

While you might think plastic poly bags are a terrible option for the environment, many packaging companies provide eco-friendly packaging options for poly mailers.
Of course, you can be an eco-friendly business and still decide to ship in poly mailers! And if you have concluded that poly mailers are the best shipping option for your business, there are environmentally responsible options for you!
Nupack has the only poly mailers in the market that are made with 100% recycled content. As a result, our mailers are giving new life to material that has already been used and discarded. Our mailers are also recyclable and biodegradable.

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Nupack also offers the new Compostable Mailers, replacing the old plastic mailers with new plant-based mailers. These tear-resistant shipping bags are made out of 100% corn-based polymers. This makes them easily compostable in a home or industrial compost heap. While decomposing into natural elements, they also turn into nutrients for the soil; what’s more, they can also be re-used as many times as you before they are disposed of for composting. Of course, standard plastic mailers will not look good if your brand’s basis is centred on an environmentally friendly mission. Indeed, we’ve seen that eco-friendly packaging frequently prompts customers to share their experiences on social media — creating effective marketing for both you and the environment!


It’s not necessary to ship or deliver every item in mailing boxes. Poly mailers are an excellent packing alternative for small eCommerce businesses shipping to save even more money while guaranteeing that things arrive in perfect condition.
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