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Why is Self Adhesive Labels an excellent packaging solution?

Why is Self Adhesive Labels an excellent packaging solution?

Self-adhesive labels also are known as adhesive labels. They are easy to apply and commonly consist of a label, adhesive layer, silicone layer and backing paper. Self-adhesive labels are available with both a permanent and washable adhesive. A permanent adhesive adheres to almost all surfaces.

Small but powerful – Why you should have labels printed

Having personalised labels printed is a cost-effective way to provide your products and the corresponding packaging with a professional look. At the same time, the stickers strengthen a brand-compliant range. Individual, high-quality printed labels make your products and you recognisable as a brand. It’s no secret that the majority of people only notice products because of the packaging – and ideally buy them. Conversely, products are boring if the associated labels do not provide sufficient information. Even whilst the use of stickers for shipping, e.g. for online shops, labels printed together along with your logo or funny slogans can determine whether it remains a one-time purchase or whether you win a brand new regular customer. Whatever you need to have labels printed for: At NuPack, you will find stickers for all situations in a variety of materials, shapes and in your desired sizes.

Which areas of application are possible?

Adhesive labels are suitable for numerous industries. Labels are particularly important in the food industry – after all, customers need to know what’s in the bottles, jars and packaging. Adhesive rolls take over this task, present the products attractively and at the same time increase the recognition value.

In addition to the food industry, labels are also widely used in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. For example, for dental care products, perfumes or shampoo. Adhesive stickers or labels play at least as important a role in the alcohol industry and label beer, schnapps, wine & Co.

What are the advantages of adhesive labels?

Labels rolls and self-adhesive labels impress with a wide variety. The labels are characterised with the aid of using high-quality material, an attractive appearance and high print quality. In addition, custom adhesive stickers or labels provide low charges for small and medium print runs, are easy to apply, are very robust and can be individually designed!

The wide range of possible applications of adhesive labels

Whether you advertise in stores or online: The presentation of your products says a lot about your company. And although the packaging is often treated only as a necessary means of protecting and transporting products, it is an extremely important marketing tool. Labels help your business stand from the crowd and make a positive and impressive first impression. Give product packaging, shipping boxes and mailings, gift boxes, bottles, jars, etc., special finishing touch with individual labels. You can choose from a variety of materials and different finishes so that you can design your perfect label. The application possibilities of labels are almost endless. Most often, stickers are printed for product labels, mailing labels and for decorative purposes.

We at Nupack provide A4 size sticky labels – plain, self-adhesive, suitable for different printers. We aim to provide quality products to our customers, but at the same time, keep in mind concerns related to the environment. As far as possible, we source and promote environmentally friendly products and adhesive labels manufacturers.

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