Poly Mailers

What is a Poly Mailer?

Poly Mailer

What is a Poly Mailer?

The Poly Mailer is a lightweight and sturdy plastic bag designed for transporting lightweight and fragile items. These are great alternatives to standard packaging. These help e-commerce sellers reduce packaging and shipping costs by saving space on the carrier’s vehicle in transit at an affordable price.

Comes with a self-sealing foldable lip; no adhesive tape is required. You can also attach the shipping label directly to the bag. This makes packing and shipping easier and is a great alternative for shipping fragile items that do not need to be shipped in large, bulky boxes.

Different types of Poly Mailers

Ensuring the types of poly mailers that can meet your goals, whether you want to increase the protection of your products, reduce shipping costs, be environmentally friendly, or introduce your brand. You can get it at.

There are four types of poly mailers available. They are:

  • Plain White Poly mailer: These are the most standard and cheap poly mailers without air cushions. If you want to save on shipping, they are your best choice. They are already in a sturdy package and are ideal for unbreakable items such as clothing and fragile items that do not require additional protection.
  • Bubble Wrap: The name Poly Bubble Wrap comes from the embedded bubble wrap inside to further protect the items being shipped. They are a bit expensive and are great for high-quality items that require additional padding to prevent damage or scratches.
  • Extended Poly mailers: These are rugged poly mailers with a padded base for shipping thicker items. Made of durable polyethene, it is ideal for protecting items from moisture damage during shipping. In addition, they are resistant to impact, manipulation and tearing.
  • Eco-friendly options: These are custom-made poly mailers made for eco-friendly brands, including biodegradable and recyclable options. This is safe for both consumers and the environment, making it ideal for eco-friendly brands that focus on minimizing waste and maximizing renewable energy use.

Common Reasons Online Retailers Use Poly mailers

As we saw earlier, Poly mailers offer an affordable alternative to standard packaging. The most common reasons for online sellers to use Poly mailer are:

  • Affordable. Affordable is one of the main reasons why many sellers consider using a polymer to ship their goods to their buyers. Poly mailers cost only $ 0.25 per unit when purchased in bulk, but you pay $ 1.25 for a box of similar size when purchased in bulk.
  • Small and lightweight. Poly mailer saves space. This means that they take up less space on the haul truck. Due to its lightweight and small size, e-commerce merchants can reduce shipping costs compared to cardboard boxes that come with major weight elements. Poly mailers, on the other hand, help reduce volume and therefore reduce the cost of shipping light items that take up a lot of space when shipped inboxes.
  • Easy to brand and customize. Similar to cardboard boxes, custom branding options can give the poly mailer a sophisticated look and delight buyers with a great unpacking experience. Placing logos, images, colours and other branded materials in a poly mailer is easier and cheaper than in a cardboard box.
  • Includes eco-friendly options. If your brand is built on an eco-friendly foundation, you can think of a standard poly mailer as a terrible option for the environment. The good news is that there are many eco-friendly polymer packaging options available from various packaging companies. You can also contact the packaging company to make a custom recyclable, biodegradable polymer.
  • They offer an extra layer of protection. Some retailers prefer poly bubble mailers because they help cushion items from the unfortunate reality of shipping damages without the need to use extra dunnage. When sending fragile items that may get damaged when packed with standard poly mailer bags, they can just opt for a little extra padding with bubble lined ones to maximize security and prevent damages.

What Items Can I Ship?

Which e-commerce product is ideal for sending with a poly mailer on the? Poly mailers are great for mailing non-crushable, hard-to-break items or items already in sturdy packaging. Apparel and shoes are good examples of these categories. If the product is not damaged by throwing or heavy cardboard, it can be shipped in a poly mailer bag.

Fragile or other glass objects When shipping such items, it is safe to stick to the cardboard box. When shipping such products in a poly mailer bag, first make sure they are in a sturdy package before wrapping them in a poly mailer bag. The main categories of items that can be sent with the Poly mailer are:

  • All items in the rugged package: If the product is already in a rugged package, packing it in a cardboard box is a bit overkill. Instead, Poly mailer is great for mailing items that cannot be easily crushed, such as cell phone cases, playing cards, and small board games, and other soft, flat items.
  • Apparel: Shirts, shoes, jeans and other products that cannot be crushed in transit are good candidates for poly mailers. We can also ship fabric and fabric-based products such as bedding, face masks, patterns and threads. When transporting clothing containing fragile pearls and ornaments, it is advisable to use a shipping bag or bubble wrap box to avoid damage.
  • Books and Print Media: Bubbleline Poly mailer is ideal for mailing books and print media. It provides the additional cushioning needed to prevent such mailing cracks and dents.
  • Some Health and Beauty Products: Poly delivery is an excellent option for delivering some health, beauty and wellness products. Popular products in this category are vitamins, dietary supplements, cosmetics and nutritional products. As long as it is wrapped in durable material, it can be safely shipped by a poly mailer.

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