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Unboxing: Unpacking the Phenomenon

“Unboxing” is the name given to the phenomenon that has become popular in the last few years.

What is certain is that unboxing always has something to do with emotions. When unpacking an item, emotions are released. Incidentally, this is also the reason why many companies sometimes develop sophisticated packaging concepts to give their customers an exceptional feeling when unpacking.

What exactly is the unboxing experience?

Unboxing is an experience that offers customers added value. The retailer presents the customer bought by the customer so that they feel they get much more than expected.

Let’s look at an inexpensive item with what feels like a longer delivery time – for example, a smartphone charging cable. It may be high quality, but it comes in a clear plastic poly bag only. Then nothing.

If the same item came in a secure box with a branded logo, some specifications, and a warranty card, you would have an unboxing experience. This would mean that the buyer would remember the name of the brand the next time they need a charging cable – provided, of course, that the cable also delivers what it promises.

A search for the word “unboxing” on YouTube reveals numerous examples of this phenomenon. Unboxing videos have been growing in popularity on YouTube for several years.


Because an unboxing video can make viewers feel like they are about to unbox the product themselves, you get that joy and excitement of opening something new without actually having to buy it.

Unboxing as a marketing tool

Every SME should focus on the unboxing experience as a marketing tool. With a combination of individual packaging, high-quality fillers and well-thought-out branding, an experience is created that leaves the customer with the impression, “That really exceeded my expectations!”.

By creating an unboxing experience around their high-quality product, retailers increase their chances of appearing in a customer’s unboxing video. This can help spread the name of your brand, improve its quality, and leverage the principle of social proof (“Others buy this, so it can’t be bad!”)

This is how the unboxing experience works as a marketing channel.

If you want to know what makes a good unboxing experience, check out some YouTube channels devoted to unboxing videos and analyze their methods. With almost 13 million subscribers, Unbox Therapy, for example, should be a good start.

Popular “unboxing” products

While branded electronics are by far the most popular items for unboxing videos, literally anything can be found. Many YouTubers target their channels to unboxing videos for subscription boxes. They sign up for the monthly service and punctually review the contents of their latest subscription boxes each month.

If you are concerned that your product is not suitable for unboxing video, you are wrong. From cosmetics, clothing, and home accessories to model cars, fine whiskey, and vintage military rations, you can make an unboxing video of anything.

Most of the time, the offered product isn’t the most important thing to the customer – it’s the experience. Whether retailers are selling cutting edge technology or a simple pair of flip flops, it’s all about the experience!


Humans are strange beings. Millions of us spend time watching people unpack other products. But as a far-sighted business owner, you can take advantage of this.

Take the time not only to design individual packaging but also to actively shape the entire way in which your customers receive your product. This is because you can surprise customers, make them happy and ensure that they keep coming back to you. Good branding, high-quality customer service and a fantastic unboxing experience – and your brand will quickly have delighted customers.