Bubble Mailer

Bubble Mailer – Smarter Packaging Option for shipping!

Often, you’ve stopped yourselves from ordering a special limited edition CD or that cute yet expensive and fragile jewelry because of your fear of them getting damaged on the way. Many times you had to ship something important and ended up paying extra for a corrugated box just so that you can ensure that it’ll be safe during transportation. Every time while shipping something fragile, our hearts would skip a beat. Not anymore. Now you can ship anything fragile with bubble padded envelopes. As a manufacturer, especially in the E-commerce business, you need to keep your customer’s concerns in mind. Bubble padded envelopes are like the good news that offer an excellent solution to keep your customers happy and satisfied.
Many e-commerce businesses nowadays are choosing to send their goods through bubble mailers instead of mailing boxes. Have you wondered why?

Well, primarily, it is because of its easy application. Padded mailers are less expensive and cheaper to ship. The process with boxes is quite time-consuming; you have to put them together and tape them up. Moreover, many times to find the right fitting boxes can be quite cumbersome, whereas you can simply fill a bubble mailer with goods, seal it, and add a shipping label.

Bubble Mailers are standard envelopes with an additional layer of bubble padding inside the envelope to protect fragile items from damage during transit. It is unwise to ship an object in bubble wrap pouches alone. Even though it is highly resistant to shock and static build-up, since it is non-adhesive, products can easily slide around and become damaged if not packed properly. This is where these padded bubble envelopes come in handy. So remember to choose a bubble mailer, for shipping something fragile or mailing an item that needs extra safety. Bubble Mailers have a laminated paper exterior made of high-quality Kraft paper, a coarse and tear-resistant form of paper. Kraft paper is ideal to use as a shipping paper because of its exceptional strength.

The benefits that these bubble mailers provide are proof that they’re one of the smartest packaging options. For instance, the bubble padding inside the envelope provides a strong protection layer to prevent damage from shock, vibration, and mishandling. Without padding, items can slide around or fall out in the shipping process. If the packages bounce around during shipping the padding can absorb and cushion all the impact. This means that it offers a high level of protection at a low cost. Unlike ordinary envelopes or paper padded envelopes, these bubble padded mailers are entirely weatherproof. When exposed to water or moisture, papers tend to get damaged, but padded bubble mailers are resistant to moisture.

The mailers should always be a bit larger than the shipping object, so nothing is crushed or folded. Be sure to keep a little extra room. Choosing the correct-sized mailer is the most critical aspect to consider before making your purchase. You should make sure that your padded envelope or bubble mailer is not too much larger than your documents or objects; otherwise, the contents will move too much. The contents of your package should easily fit but should remain reasonably tight and secure within the envelope.

To make it more clear to you about bubble mailers being one of the smartest packaging options, here are few more advantages of padded mailers:

  • Lightweight This means that generally, they cost less to ship.
  • Inexpensive Padded mailers tend to be a less costly option.
  • In-built protection These mailers may not need any additional structural support because of their padding.
  • Small Padded mailers take up less space when they are shipped, resulting in cost savings. Plus, they take up less space while storing.
  • Environmental Impact With global warming and environmental deterioration on the rise, many companies are choosing environmentally friendly products. And the good news is that even with regards to environmental impact, bubble padded envelopes are still a smart packaging option.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seller or buyer; at some point or the other, you may have to use the postal service for either business or personal reasons. When it comes to mailing small and fragile items, bubble padded envelopes are one of the best packaging options out there.
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